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Friday, May 18, 2007

Wind Energy

According to the AWEA (American Wind Energy Association), the number of wind energy turbines (windmills) are at an all time high.

At Yale University a study was conducted by AWEA and they concluded that 9 out of 10 Americans would like more wind energy now.

A single 1.5 MW turbine offsets 13 tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, and more than 1,800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Imagine what we can do with hundreds of these turbines.

Wind energy is a completely renewable energy source that can really affect our carbon footprint for the better. They are a bit expensive right now, but one must prioritize when it comes to the future of our only home, the planet Earth.


desertdeb said...

I live in one of the windiest spots on the planet and we have acres and acres of these windfarms. Actually, a minivan will fit into the nose of one of these things. They are magnificent to behold in the "mass plantings". It's a dream of many people to own land partially powered by one of these beauties...great blog!!! thx.

Anonymous said...

They're really cool. When I got to California, I was hypnotized by the windfields, absolutely beautiful...

The blades on some of them are as long as two semi-trucks, which is hard to imagine when you're staring at it from the road!


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