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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is Harry Potter Green?

He very well may be. In fact, much of the magic world he lives in is also green. While using magic their wands create no waste products, there is no dependency on foreign oil because their brooms are the ultimate form of alternative energy transportation...way alternative, and they care enough about the planet to protect it with jinxes and charms. Good thing too because Voldemort just announced that he wanted to implement a GHG production plant (the evilness is astounding). Not to mention that I heard that they were making Hogwarts and The Ministry of Magic go carbon neutral by installing solar panels and wind turbines...okay okay, I made those last parts up, but it's something that the wizarding world would do.

Anyway...let's learn some lessons that the wizarding world of Harry Potter is teaching developing broomstick mass transit. That should be comfortable. :)
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