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Monday, May 14, 2007

The Green Blog

Welcome all Green Bloggers. Here is a chance to speak out about how to make the Earth a greener place.

With our addiction to oil and our unfortunate dependency on it, we must develope AND IMPLEMENT plans to change. We need cleaner fuel sources, carbon neutral industry, and "green" focused research and development.

We are seeing an increase in popularity regarding environmentally concious actions. Pepsi just announced that they are going carbon neutral with all aspects of their entire operation, Walmart is working on a chain of green supercenters (which they have already started), and restraunts are coming up with detailed plans for serving carbon neutral diet foods.

Our goal as a blog is to share thoughts and ideas about what one can do to make their world a little greener, and how to motivate and influence others to take the necessary actions to save this oil thirsty world from itself.


Jolly Green Girl said...

hello fellow green blogger. I just want to say hello and nice to meet a fellow environmentalist.

Shayn said...

Welcome to the fray. Good to see the voices growing!

Unknown said...

glad to be a part of this movement!
I've seen the Inconvenient truth recently and it made it's deep impact over me as well as it would over millions of people that might be not capable of buying the copy of this picture. why don't we do something about making this movie free-to-get, so many more people will get aware of what is really going on????

The Green Blog said...

Thank you. I agree about the availability of the documentary, but of course the producers want to make a profit on it. Maybe after a time they will have complimentary copied available to those who wish to speak out.

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