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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Water Energy

This has to be the ultimate in alternative energy potential. If this is real and can be truly realized...we could do and save so much.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Algae Energy

Photosynthesis is one of the keys to bio fuels. This important process in the life of plants enables the absorption of CO2, which is good. Why is it good? Plants, trees, and other types of foliage take in some of the carbon dioxide we create or put off and they change it to oxygen. That's wonderful, right? But there's another good thing about it. We can use these living organisms as fuel alternatives to coal, oil, and other fossil fuels.

One form of bio-fuel that most people have never heard of is Algae Fuel. Eviana Hartman of the Washington Post has written a wonderful article on this newer fuel. She has placed the following in her most recent article:

"If you replaced all the diesel in the U.S. with soy bio diesel, it would take half the land mass of the U.S. to grow those soybeans," says Matt Caspari, chief executive of Aurora Bio fuels, a Berkeley, Calif.-based private firm that specializes in algae oil technology. On the other hand, the Energy Department estimates that if algae fuel replaced all the petroleum fuel in the United States, it would require 15,000 square miles, which is a few thousand miles larger than Maryland.

Isn't this a wonderful factoid? So next time your thinking about the gross stuff that's growing on the river or the creek near your home and how nasty it looks. Just look up at the blue sky and think of the possibilities and it may look a little less disgusting and a little more acceptable.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Be Grateful: A Message from The Secret

Enjoy this video. Let it affect you. May the new year motivate you to be a better person and to make positive changes in your life. Apply those feelings of change to the way you live you life day to day.

Some may think this has little or nothing to do with green living...I respectfully disagree and hope you can someday see why.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Here's Hoping for a Greener 2008

I would say that I have been a bit busy lately, but that primarily functions as the understatement of the year 2007. This post will hopefully allow for me to revitalize this blog that has been a learning tool for me mostly, but apparently for others as well.

It was appropriate that the NYC new year party was done the way it was (the ball was covered completely in energy efficient light). Never before has our nation entered a year more equipped to handle the dedication it takes to live green. When I say "live green" I don't mean that you have to be perfectly carbon neutral. While possible for some , I certainly don't claim the ability to do that right now...maybe someday, but not today.

By "live green" I mean make a change. A change in the way you live your life that benefits not only the planet but your world as well. There is an inner sense of peace and guiltlessness that accompanies green actions. Let's face it, it feels good to be green. I once walked 6 flights of stairs passing several trash cans to recycle a simple 20 oz. plastic bottle. That may not seem like a big deal to some, but it was for me. I obviously haven't forgotten the way I felt that day. That one action inspired me to do it repeatedly until it became habitual. Now, I don't walk the 6 flights every time, but I always recycle those bottles when I am done with them. And so can you.

So I suppose that this year I will make an increased effort to not only maintain The Green Blog once again, but to maintain the green lifestyle. I will make a Green Truce with myself. A kind of peace treaty within. And while that truce may be tailored to each of us individually, I encourage you to do the same as me. Here's to a greener 2008 for us all!

"No one wins by chance alone. If they do, they're not winners, just lucky. I'd rather lose a thousand contests giving my all to the cause, and in so doing feel a winner, than to easily win by accident, and in so doing feel a failure." - ESB
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