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Friday, June 29, 2007

Random Rant #1

I suppose I just don't understand why there is not a more distinctively noticeable push for alternative and renewable energy sources among business. In a conversation I had with a recent veteran who worked out west in California, there was talk of obvious and blatant savings that firms could procure from simply making an investment into some type of renewable energy source to power their plants, offices, and warehouses. Furthermore, the state government in California is offering some mighty tasty incentives for companies who are willing and brave enough to make the switch. So why aren't we seeing more switches?!

It makes me wonder just how strong the oil/gas lobby is. By gas I mean gasoline, of course. Breaking it down like a fraction makes it look pretty simple. Initial investment into a change of energy that would derive from renewable sources costs initial capital. However, with state incentives and write-offs on your side, the promise of reduced energy costs in the future, and the "feel good" factor filtering its way from the top all the way down to the consumer, why is this not a "no-brainer"?

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Al Gore Goes All Out...Finally!

Al Gore has been “greening” his house for a while now. He started by adding solar panels to his roof, and replacing his light bulbs with CFL’s. Then he started replacing the windows with energy efficient ones. He’s also replacing the duct-work and installing a rainwater collection system to help with the irrigation and hydration of his acreage. To help with the energy costs of heating his pool he is implementing a geo-thermal heating unit.

Al Gore said in an interview with the AP, “This plan has been in the works for a long time. The only thing that has changed is that we’re more public about it because of the misleading attack by a global-warming denier group.” Toward the beginning of the year, many conservative factions gave Gore a tough criticizing by comparing his electric bill to surrounding large homes and showed that what he paid every month was much more than the average homeowner paid. Electric company records proved that the Gore’s paid an average of roughly $1,180 in energy costs per month last year. His home is 10,000 square feet.
Al will be keeping busy over the next few weeks by solidifying concert dates and venues for the Live Earth tour. Istanbul, Turkey is supposedly next to hop on board as a destination for the seven-continent music tour.
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