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Friday, June 29, 2007

Random Rant #1

I suppose I just don't understand why there is not a more distinctively noticeable push for alternative and renewable energy sources among business. In a conversation I had with a recent veteran who worked out west in California, there was talk of obvious and blatant savings that firms could procure from simply making an investment into some type of renewable energy source to power their plants, offices, and warehouses. Furthermore, the state government in California is offering some mighty tasty incentives for companies who are willing and brave enough to make the switch. So why aren't we seeing more switches?!

It makes me wonder just how strong the oil/gas lobby is. By gas I mean gasoline, of course. Breaking it down like a fraction makes it look pretty simple. Initial investment into a change of energy that would derive from renewable sources costs initial capital. However, with state incentives and write-offs on your side, the promise of reduced energy costs in the future, and the "feel good" factor filtering its way from the top all the way down to the consumer, why is this not a "no-brainer"?

picture source: User: Lan56, Wikipedia Commons


The Katzbox said...

More random rants...they're great!!!

Morgan said...

When the Pain gets great enough change will come....everyone is just waiting for the next person to do the right thing..eventually we all will have to step up to the plate as one.

"United we stand...Divided we fall"

The Green Blog said...

Right on, mightymorgan!

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