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Monday, May 21, 2007

Carbon Offsetting

Essentially this picture describes what it really means to offset carbon emissions. When carbon and other atmospheric pollutants enter the air they thicken the atmosphere. What this does is traps infrared heat within our atmosphere in amounts that are higher than normal. Increased infrared energy leads to increased average tempratures throughout the globe and especially at the poles. This is the basic concept on global warming.
What to do?
Offset our carbon output, or better yet, neutralize it. By becoming carbon neutral we allow the atmosphere to heal and over time we can reverse the global warming damage we have already caused. That's why everyone needs to get involved. Take a stand. Move to action.
Because we only have one earth, we must not fail.


Jolly Green Girl said...

nice article. I also did a blog post on carbon off setting if you want to check it out. Do you use any of the programs? I am going to join TerraPass.

The Green Blog said...

I haven't, but I'll look into them.

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