Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Conversation About Global Warming

The following is a short conversation I had with a person regarding global warming as a legitimate issue:

"I suggest that you try to understand the actual data that the global warming scare is based upon. It is really hard to come by since the proponents of GW are mostly politicians and scientists whose livelihood depend on promoting the fear. I suggest that one read Michael Crichton's 'State of Fear'. It's a fun read and in the back of that book are many references to the pros and cons of environmental activism. One of the best, although a challenge for the lay person, is Professor Aaron Wildavsky's 'But Is It True'. We need to get past the paranoia and decide whether this is a problem that a) really needs our attention, b) we can actually control, or c) is just a quest for power by politicians. Stop trusting the mass media, they have no facts."
- Anon

I resonded:
"No facts?!?! The people that turn a blind eye to the science behind global warming do it because they either don't understand it or they don't want to get off the lazy-boy and do something. I admit that taking contributing action is not as easy as it sounds because it takes a certain level of creativity and non-linear thinking, nevertheless the science world as a near whole has accepted our (human beings) contribution to GHG emissions as dangerous and climate altering. I personally look at data, not novels or books written with a bias by a single person. 'State of Fear' is actually next on my reading list. I know he has researched a lot and I look forward to seeing all of it, but the scientific community is where I hang my hat on this issue."
- The Green Blog


Anonymous said...

Nice reponse. The irony of the first post (and which you politely pointed out)is that the respondent is complaining about the lack of science behind the "fear" and he was quoting a fiction writer. Good job GB. And doesn't Green Blogger sound like one of the fantastic four?...sorry.

The Green Blog said...

My thoughts exactly. Thank you for your reply.

eredux said...

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